Draconis, the notorious caffeine addict

Draconis, the notorious caffeine addict

At Lollie Bombs “Grimoire Noir” December 2018.

At Lollie Bombs “Grimoire Noir” December 2018.

 Draconis is a professional belly dancer based in North Texas and has been dancing for over 10 years. He is primarily influenced by tribal fusion belly dance and West African, and primarily practices Africanized dance forms. His androgynous appearance and high-octane stage presence make him a dazzling addition to any show and has awarded him more than ten awards, as well as headlining multiple festivals across the US.

His somatic and muscular approach to teaching belly dance makes him an accessible teacher for belly dancers of every skill level, helping students unlock their movement potential using muscle triggers, strengthening and conditioning exercises, and resistance-assisted technique drills. He believes that the mind-muscle connection and acute muscular awareness is the key to unlocking your body’s innate abilities to bring your belly dance hustle to the next level.

His background in belly dance started at the Isis Studio in Bedford, TX, and has continued with superstars such as April Rose, Sharon Kihara, Silvia Salamanca, and with the dance studios Bandan Koro African Drum & Dance Collective, and Wild Sky Tribal. He started in American Cabaret belly dance and found his way to W. African dance 5 years later, cultivating a deep appreciation for W. Africa and the diaspora’s music, dance, and heritage.

Currently, his studies remain with West African dance, as well as Eurocentric dance styles through TWU’s modern dance program, where he is pursuing his undergrad in dance studies (ETA 2020). He performs nationally and internationally as a soloist, and locally with multiple dance collectives such as Mustache Envy Queerlesque, Eclectik Electrik, and as a guest performer in various belly dance and variety shows around Texas.


  • Shimmy Showdown 2012: 1st place

  • Shimmy Showdown 2012 Crowd Favorite

  • Ya Halla, Y’all Duet 2012: 1st place

  • Ya Halla Y’all 2012: Duet Crowd Favorite

  • Ya Halla, Y’all Rising Star 2011: 1st place

  • Ya Halla Y’all Rising Star Crowd Favorite

  • So You Think You Can Belly Dance? 2014: 2nd runner up

  • Tribal Soloist of the Year 2014: 1st Place

  • Tribal Soloist Congeniality Award

  • Tribal Ensemble of the Year 2014: 1st place

  • Tribal Ensemble Congeniality Award

  • Ya Halla, Y’all Tribal Fusion Professional 2013: 1st Place

  • Ya Halla Y’all 2013 Crowd Favorite

  • Mr Rakstar 2012: 1st runner up

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