Choreography Services

Draconis has been choreographing award-winning dances since 2012, recipients including the Wings of Isis Dance Company, Mustache Envy Queerlesque Collective, among others! With cross-training in West African, ballet, modern dance, and other Western and non-Western disciplines, Draconis can tailor a choreography to your specific needs for competition, showcase, and themed performances!

To order a choreography, contact Draconis through this form!

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Pre-Choreography Consultation: Free!

A consult — in-person, online, or email — to discuss the dancer’s choreographic desires, including fusion style, music, references, and props.

Choreography Fee: $75/minute of music

For example, a 3-minute song would be $225. 4-minute song would be $300. Etc…

Private Lesson to teach choreography: $60/hour

This can be done as one private lesson session with accompanying video, or in a streamable video!

Other fees: $25

This includes edited music, choreography notes,

and streamable video instruction.

Order example:

3-minute song: $225

Video instruction: $60

Fees: $25

Total: $300