Are you transgender?

Yes, I am a transgender person. I have been on testosterone for many years, and I’ve undergone gender-confirming surgery. I knew I was trans when I was 14 and I’ve identified as androgynous since 2012. My pronouns are he/him and they/them.

Is Draconis your real name or a dance name?

It is both! Draconis is my legal first name. Off-stage, however, I tend to go by my middle name, Greyson. If you meet me in person, either is completely acceptable!

Why did you start belly dancing?

I was home-schooled through high school and I needed to have physical education, so I signed up for belly dance classes at the Isis Studio in Bedford, TX. I’d always seen the belly dancers at Scarborough Faire and I was thrilled to learn I could learn how to do that too!

Is that your natural hair color?


What are you studying in college?

I’m a dance major at Texas Woman’s University, pursuing my BA of Dance Studies. I am also minoring in gender/queer studies, and I’m intending to pursue grad and post-graduate school afterwards. I am focusing my studies on American belly dance and hybridization, specifically the integrity and ethics of hybridizing dance. If you wanna learn more, feel free to message me!

Can I interview you for article/documentary/video/etc?

Yes! Please send your inquiries to my email and I’ll get back to you ASAP!