Draconis is available to travel virtually anywhere to your event! He offers workshops, performances, lectures, and private lessons. For inquiries on booking Draconis for your event, please submit this form and expect a reply within 1-3 days.

Movement Workshops

“Finding Your Fusion: Intro to Eclectic Fusion”

This workshop is designed to ease a new student’s way from traditional belly dance into a fusion atmosphere. In the lecture portion of the class, discussion will cover what fusion is, how to determine what style of fusion is for you, and defining yourself as a fusion dancer. Combinations will be taught over some popularly stylized movements, with in-depth breakdown of movement generation and alteration. This is perfect for a dancer who wants to ‘break into’ fusion, or for a dancer who feels like they’ve been in a rut with their current discipline.

All levels, geared towards INT students

“Eclectic Fusion: Exotic Track”

Combining aspects of burlesque, exotic dance, exotic floorwork, and other more overtly sensual dance styles allow the dancer to feel truly empowered and in tune with their body’s most vulnerable movements. This class will tease and tantalize, working with each dancer’s authentic rhythm and comfort level. Exotic fundamentals will be explained in broken down into multiple variations to accommodate all comfort zones, and then these movements will be strung into sequences and drilled. Kneepads recommended.


 “Eclectic Fusion: Explosive Track”

How to dance to the cheap seats! This workshop focuses on the explosive and exotic aspects of Eclectic Fusion, drawing its powerful movement from African, dancehall, Samba, and hip hop. The combinations and technique in this workshop will involve high-intensity movement, moving without inhibition, and adding an extra kick to your practice! This will leave you sweating! Knee pads recommended. 

All levels

"Eclectic Fusion Combos"

Draconis has been cultivating his own unique brand of belly dance, "Eclectic Fusion", which emphasizes precise belly dance technique & cross-training in other dance disciplines to form one-of-a-kind performance art. This workshop is always evolving, and is purely combination-based movement sequences. These specific combos and fusion styles will vary with each location, using movements from styles such as West African, Samba, modern, and tribal style dance.

All levels

“Twerkshop: Twerk Fusion”

It’s all about the booty! With his vast experience working in burlesque, pole, and variety shows, Draconis made this workshop to share the secrets of isolating your derriere. Included are stretches to loosen up those glutes, safety procedures, drills for your buns, and a short Twerk Fusion choreography!

All levels

“Eclectic Fusion Choreography”

This workshop teaches an upbeat, fast-paced, challenging fusion choreography. There will be moments of discussion about the types of fusion used in the piece, with inspiration from styles such as hip hop, Samba, West African, and tribal. This workshop’s choreography changes with each location, with new fusion styles used!

INT —ADV level

“Powerful Layers”

Known for his powerful, ground-breaking shimmies, Draconis teaches this class on how to masterfully layer your movements to create dynamic, complex combinations. A handout will be given with exercises on challenging your ability to layer movements. He will teach his favorite combinations, as well as guide you to creating your own unique, signature moves.


Lecture Workshops

“The Trans & Non-Binary Performer Survival Guide”

Draconis has been involved with the trans community for over 8 years, having gone through a gender transition themself, had years of gender therapy, and independently paved their place as a non-binary performer in a business that is largely gendered. This workshop is for the community of current and aspiring performers who are non-binary, trans, queer, and beyond, to offer advice on attending classes, finding safe studios, dealing with dressing room SNAFUs, handling intolerance, and staying safe. This is also for those who are interested in learning to facilitate their non-binary friends, how to address us in a respectful, sensitive, and appropriate manner. This is for producers who wants to book a queer or trans performer for their event, but want to make sure they understand the ins and outs of hosting a trans or NB performer. Micro aggressions, pronoun queries, bathroom and dressing room drama, EVERYTHING will be touched on in this workshop. There will also be Q&A held at the end. Keep your mind open and be ready to take notes.

2 hours, preferred

Everyone encouraged to attend

“Going to Battle: Preparing for a Fusion Competition”

Draconis has placed in every fusion competition he’s ever done, including amateur and professional soloist, ensemble, and duet/trio. In this theory-based workshop, Draconis discusses his methods for preparing yourself for competition, covering choreography, makeup and hair, music choice, costume, and his own personal hacks he’s developed. A handout will be available for overview and to take notes on.

All levels

"Stage Hair and Makeup"

This workshop is a stage-ready hair and makeup lecture and demonstration specifically for belly dancers!! As a licensed cosmetologist and 5 years working in the industry, Draconis has tons of advice and help ready to offer belly dancers to kick their performance appearance up 10 notches. We will discuss the use of contouring and highlighting, hair extensions, hot tools, glitter application, falsies, color choice, and a demonstration will be done on a participant from the workshop. Disposable makeup tools will be provided. Please bring your own palettes and supplies to use on yourself, if you wish to follow along.

Anyone welcome!

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