Lectures by Draconis

Draconis, through formal education and research through Texas Woman’s University and as a lifelong student, is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker and lecturer in multiple subjects relating to belly dance and the transgender dance community. Below are a few workshop offerings already curated, but Draconis is also able to create a meaningful lecture for your event through a request form!

“The Queer Performer Survival Guide: For dancers”

Draconis has been involved with the trans community for over 8 years, having gone through a gender transition himself, had years of gender therapy, and independently paved their place as a non-binary performer in a business that is largely gendered. This workshop is for the community of current and aspiring performers who are non-binary, trans, queer, and beyond, to offer advice on attending classes, finding safe studios, dealing with dressing room SNAFUs, handling intolerance, and staying safe.

"About Face: Makeup For Belly Dancers"

Draconis has been a licensed cosmetologist and makeup artist for 5 years with experience in belly dance, theater, drag, and burlesque makeup. In this workshop, tips and techniques are shared and thoroughly broken down and demonstrated for the belly dancer who wants to take their stage face to the next level. Fundamentals for a stage face will be listed out, as well as accent materials (glitter, face jewelry), color selection, and product recommendations. We will go over EVERYTHING from brows to contour to lashes and more!! Bring your own makeup kit and brushes to follow along.

“The Queer Performer Survival Guide: For Allies”

This is an accompanying lecture for those who are interested in learning to facilitate their non-binary friends, how to address us in a respectful, sensitive, and appropriate manner. This is for producers who wants to book a queer or trans performer for their event, but want to make sure they understand the ins and outs of hosting a trans or NB performer. Micro-aggressions, pronoun queries, bathroom and dressing room drama, EVERYTHING will be touched on in this workshop. There will also be Q&A held at the end. Keep your mind open and be ready to take notes.

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