• Bio •

Draconis (Drake) is an queer-ass performer who suffers from dance commitment issues. They discovered their taste for belly dance in 2008 with the Isis Studio in Bedford, Texas, which only further enabled their addiction to Africanized dance styles, including West African, twerk, Samba, and so on. There is no cure.

Off stage, Drake furthers his dance education at the University of Colorado. He works closely with the queerlesque community to fight for inclusion and visibility of trans and queer performers. Currently, he offers online dance classes through his Patreon account, workshops, and private coaching. He is also pursuing his personal trainer certification to offer further coaching in dance and wellness.

Every chance, Drake strives for multi-cultural dance acceptance and celebration. He has a distinct passion for unique movement patterns and offbeat aesthetic.

"You're a fool if you dance or not, so you may as well dance."

Instructor Resume

  • Headliner: Dallas School of Burlesque, "Sensual Belly Dance for Burly Dancers"
  • Headliner: Girls Room, "Bring Your Sexy Back"
  • Guest Instructor: Ya Halla, Y’all 2014, “Dancing with Dubstep”
  • Guest Instructor: Austin Belly Dance Convention 2015 & 2016, “Trappings of Tribal”, “Eclectic Fusion Combos”
  • Headliner: Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant 2015, “Eclectic Fusion Drum Solo”
  • Guest Instructor: Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive 2015 & 2016, “Eclectic Fusion Combos”, “Twerkshop”
  • Featured Instructor: Hawaii Belly Dance Convention 2015, “Musicality and Syncopation”
  • Guest Instructor: 3rd Coast Tribal 2016, “Twerkshop”
  • Headliner: Wild Sky Tribal 2016, "Performance Aesthetics", "Fluidity & Isolations"
  • Guest Instructor: Austin Belly Dance Convention 2016, "Intro to Eclectic Fusion"
  • Headliner: Rockport Raqs 2016, "Twerkshop", "Eclectic Fusion Combos"
  • Headliner: Texas Queerlesque Festival 2016, "NB Performer's Survival Guide"
  • Featured Instructor: Migrations 2017, "Twerkshop", "Powerful Movements"
  • Featured Instructor: East Coast Classic 2017, "Eclectic Fusion: Explosive Track", "Twerkshop"
  • Guest Instructor: TribalCon 2017, "NB Performer lecture"
  • Guest Instructor: Bayou Belly Festivale 2017, "Powerful Layers"
  • Featured Instructor: Phoenix Rising Dance Fest 2017, "Powerful Layers" "Eclectic Fusion Combos" "Stage Hair and Makeup"
  • Featured Instructor: Migrations 2018, "Trans and Nonbinary Performer Survival Guide" "Eclectic Fusion Combos" "Powerful Layers
  • Headliner: ABS Fest 2018, "Eclectic Fusion Combos"
  • Featured Instructor: Bayou Belly 2018, "Eclectic Fusion Combos"

• Highlights

  • 1st Place 2014, Tribal Soloist of the Year
  • -1st Place 2014, Tribal Soloist Mx Congeniality Award
  • 1st Place 2014, Tribal Ensemble of the Year with Pomegranate Vibrato
  • 1st Place Ya Halla 2013, Tribal Pro
  • 1st Place Ya Halla 2011, Rising Star
  • 1st Place Shimmy Showdown Star and Crowd Favorite, 2012
  • 1st Place Ya Halla 2012 Fusion Duet
  • 2nd Place Mr Rakstar, 2012
  • 2nd Runner Up SYTYC Belly Dance, Las Vegas 2014
  • Official cast member for Confessions of a Belly Dancer tour.
  • Former member of Whiskey Tongue Burlesque troupe
  • Member of Panty Raid Productions queerlesque troupe.

• In the Media •

• Transition •

Short biography of my transition as a dancer.