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Migrations: Feat. Draconis!! THREE workshops!

  • Bullock Texas State History Museum 1800 Congress Avenue Austin, TX, 78701 United States (map)



JANUARY 12 - 14, 2018 IN AUSTIN, TX

Three days of workshops focusing on dances from around the world, including Bellydance, Flamenco, Drum, Zills, Bollywood, Chinese Classical Dance, ATS, Classical Indian Dance, & more * Two nights of shows, with live music on Saturday * Three days & nights of shopping!

Eclectic Fusion

Friday Jan 12: 12p — 2p

"Eclectic Fusion" is a dance philosophy and format that Draconis has been working on to create a unique experience for the fusion dance community. As opposed to a class that is pigeonholed in "tribal fusion" or "Spanish fusion", this class allows a variety of dance styles to merry together with belly dance, creating unique and eclectic movement patterns. Much like with gender, Draconis was never able to choose just one style of dance to study. For many years he has studied and performed various styles of dance, including ballet, Modern, belly dance, West African, Brazilian Samba, and hip hop. Each class, each choreography, each combination is its own unique blend of fusion, keeping everything fresh and evolving. Draconis wanted to keep a signature style, but also have room to grow and change, and wanted his dance to be reflective of that. Eclectic Fusion is a style that is limitless and monotony-proof. By studying Eclectic Fusion, it prevents you from becoming one of those dancers who is "great, but does the same thing over and over." Draconis gives thorough instruction on finding your own personal brand of fusion, and what styles speak and resonate with you most strongly. He will help you refine your stage presence, showcase your best qualities, and keep you from falling into a box! ~ Intermediate / Advanced


Powerful Layers

Saturday, Jan 13: 12p — 2p

Known for his powerful, ground-breaking shimmies, Draconis teaches this class on how to masterfully layer your movements to create dynamic, complex combinations. A handout will be given with exercises on challenging your ability to layer movements. He will teach his favorite combinations, as well as guide you to creating your own unique, signature moves. ~ Intermediate / Advanced


The Trans & Non-Binary Performer Survival Guide (Lecture)

Sunday, Jan 14: 12p — 2p

Draconis has been involved with the trans community for over 8 years, having gone through a gender transition themself, had years of gender therapy, and independently paved their place as a non-binary performer in a business that is largely gendered. This workshop is for the community of current and aspiring performers who are non-binary, trans, queer, and beyond, to offer advice on attending classes, finding safe studios, dealing with dressing room SNAFUs, handling intolerance, and staying safe. This is also for those who are interested in learning to facilitate their non-binary friends, how to address us in a respectful, sensitive, and appropriate manner. This is for producers who wants to book a queer or trans performer for their event, but want to make sure they understand the ins and outs of hosting a trans or NB performer. Micro aggressions, pronoun queries, bathroom and dressing room drama, EVERYTHING will be touched on in this workshop. There will also be Q&A held at the end. Keep your mind open and be ready to take notes.


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