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Bayou Belly Workshops with Draconis!

I am offering TWO workshops this summer at Bayou Belly Festivale in Louisiana! Check out event tickets here.

“Ago! Ame! West African Fusion”

Sunday July 14, 11:15a - 1:15p

Draconis has studied West African dance for 5 years with various instructors and artists across the South, heavily contributing to his own personal African fusion belly dance style. In this workshop, we will learn fundamental foot patterns, work with a handful of W. African drum rhythms, and learn a short African fusion choreography. This dance style is high-impact and intense!! Bring lots of water!

“The Queer Performer Survival Guide”

Saturday July 13, 1:30p - 3:30p

Draconis has been involved with the trans community for over 8 years, having gone through a gender transition themself, had years of gender therapy, and independently paved their place as a non-binary performer in a business that is largely gendered. This workshop is for the community of current and aspiring performers who are non-binary, trans, queer, and beyond, to offer advice on attending classes, finding safe studios, dealing with dressing room SNAFUs, handling intolerance, and staying safe. This is also for those who are interested in learning to facilitate their non-binary friends, how to address us in a respectful, sensitive, and appropriate manner. This is for producers who wants to book a queer or trans performer for their event, but want to make sure they understand the ins and outs of hosting a trans or NB performer. Micro aggressions, pronoun queries, bathroom and dressing room drama, EVERYTHING will be touched on in this workshop. There will also be Q&A held at the end. Keep your mind open and be ready to take notes.

2 hours, preferred

Everyone encouraged to attend