• Workshop Offerings•


2 hours      All levels

It’s all about the booty! With his vast experience working in burlesque, pole, and variety shows, Draconis made this workshop to share the secrets of isolating your derriere. Included are stretches to loosen up those glutes, safety procedures, drills for your buns, and a short Twerk Fusion choreography!

“Going to Battle: Preparing for a Fusion Competition”

2 hours lecture      all levels.

Draconis has won first place in every fusion competition he’s ever done, including amateur and professional soloist, ensemble, and duet/trio. In this lecture-based workshop, Draconis discusses his methods for preparing yourself for competition, covering choreography, makeup and hair, music choice, costume, and his own personal 'competition hacks' he’s developed. A handout will be available for overview and to take notes on.

"Shimmy Shred Workout!"

2 hours      all levels

This is not for the faint of heart! Draconis is known for his ground-shaking shimmies, and in this workshop he will share how to strengthen your legs and drill to get those high-intensity, earth-shattering shimmies down to a science. ‘Eclectic Fusion’ format will be utilized, showing stylizations and cultural background of each shimmy discussed in the class. In this workshop you will sweat and your legs will hurt the day after, so make sure to bring extra water!

“Intro to Eclectic Fusion”

3 hours       BEG-INT

This workshop is designed to ease a new student’s way from traditional belly dance into a fusion atmosphere. In the lecture portion of the class, discussion will cover what fusion is, how to determine what style of fusion is for you, and defining yourself as a fusion dancer. Combinations will be taught over some popularly stylized movements, with in-depth breakdown of movement generation and alteration.

"Stage Hair and Makeup"

2 hours       all levels

This workshop is a stage-ready hair and makeup lecture and demonstration specifically for belly dancers!! As a licensed cosmetologist and 4 years working in the industry, Draconis has tons of advice and help ready to offer belly dancers to kick their performance appearance up 10 notches. We will discuss the use of contouring and highlighting, hair extensions, hot tools, glitter application, falsies, color choice, and a demonstration will be done on a participant from the workshop. Please bring your own palettes and supplies to use on yourself, if you wish to follow along.

“Powerful Layers”

2 hours       INT-ADV

Known for his powerful, ground-breaking shimmies, Draconis teaches this class on how to masterfully layer your movements to create dynamic, complex combinations. A handout will be given with exercises on challenging your ability to layer movements. He will teach his favorite combos, as well as guide you to creating your own unique, signature moves.


"Eclectic Fusion Combos"

2 hours       all levels

This workshop is always evolving, and is purely combination-based movement sequences. These specific combos and fusion styles will vary with each location, using movements from styles such as West African, Samba, modern, and tribal style dance.