Bayou Belly Festivale 2017

Bayou Belly Festivale 2017

Student Testimonials!

Draconis is an inspiring dancer! He is a mesmerizing treat for the soul. I have also had the pleasure of taking a workshop with him. He was informative, personable, and easy to follow. Taking the time to break down the moves and music so that I could learn easily and understand all the whys and hows. He was tons of fun fun fun and lots of energy. I can’t wait for another oprotunity to take another workshop with him again, and I’m always delighted to watch him perform.
— Melissa Z, Leander
Draconis always brings wonderful energy and great knowledge to workshops. I was fortunate to be able to take the Twerkshop, which was to say the least at first blush intimidating to me , but Draconis made it fun and approachable. His stage presence can’t be beat with fluid movements, modern beats, and exciting dynamic performances that draw any festival crowd. Our festival, Migrations, has had him on stage several times and we know he will always provide memorable, thought provoking, inspired performances.
— Sarah, Austin
Draconis is a phenomenal dancer. The handful of workshops I’ve taken have been challenging and opened my eyes to different types of movement. I look forward to catching more of them in the future!
— Katie, Louisiana

Workshops with Draconis

Draconis is a highly sought-after workshop instructor, and has had the opportunity to provide sold-out workshops all over the US! His long career onstage and accessible teaching style make him a valued, effective teacher for both movement and theory workshops.

Draconis’s movement practice is taught from an anatomical-based perspective, with emphasis on muscle initiations and joint actions, making it adaptable to dancers of every stage of their dance journey! With lifelong experience onstage, as well as collegiate research in his pursuit of a degree in dance, Draconis’s workshops are sure to leave every student appropriately challenged and inspired!

Additionally, all of Draconis’s workshops are SAFE ZONES for queer and LGBT students, and accessible, appropriate language practices are applied in-classroom to respect all names, pronouns, life experiences, body capabilities, and body sizes! As a trans, queer dancer himself, Draconis is adamant about inclusiveness in the belly dance community, and maintains a respectful environment for all.


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